Our Ivy League instructors and advisors help students to raise their test scores and grades, and gain acceptances to selective private schools, colleges, and graduate schools. Our Ivy Link Method combines one-on-one instruction and advising with custom-tailored mentoring in person or via our Long Distance Learning platform.

Raise SAT & ACT Scores

After grades, the SAT or ACT is the single most important piece of one’s college application. Nowadays almost all applicants to competitive colleges engage in some type of preparation, but not all prep is equal....VIEW MORE

Raise Subject Test & AP Exams

Students usually begin their Subject Test preparation by taking a diagnostic test in the appropriate area....VIEW MORE

Raise ISEE, SSAT & SHAST Scores

The program begins with a diagnostic test that provides younger students with an introduction to the ISEE in particular and the requirements of standardized testing in general. ...VIEW MORE

Get Higher Grades

Whether the need is algebra, Spanish, homework help, confidence-building, test-taking skills or special learning issues, our instructors will work with your student to provide: ...VIEW MORE

Apply to College

Ivy Link consultants each hold at least one degree from an Ivy League university....VIEW MORE

Apply to independent middle & high schools

Our expert counselors will explain the nuances of secondary school admission, provide guidance on educational options. VIEW MORE

Apply to business schools & raise gmat scores

Ivy Link’s seasoned consultants are graduates of top-ranked MBA programs and/or published authors.....VIEW MORE

Applying to law schools & raise lsat scores

Ivy Link consultants are graduates of the most elite law schools and have gone on to coveted clerkships, prestigious law firms. ...VIEW MORE

At Ivy Link, our process and methodology empower students to achieve their personal and academic best throughout high school, the college admissions process, and beyond. This includes offering a range of services that extend beyond the broad umbrella of admissions consulting to a variety of specialty areas. ...VIEW MORE

Given the number of requests we received from students in college and at boarding school who require assistance with essays, academic help, test prep, and application assistance, we have introduced a new way to access Ivy Link instruction via our Long Distance Learning Platform. ...VIEW MORE