At Ivy Link, we want to inspire each student to achieve their personal and academic best throughout their years of schooling, as well as help fortify valuable skills that will extend beyond the classroom.  We therefore offer a range of services that supplement our general programs of admissions counseling, tutoring and application assistance to include a myriad of targeted specialty services aimed towards applicants who have specific needs or requirements. Our expert Ivy Link mentors are here to assist with virtually any niche request.


    • “Before working with my tutor, I had taken a well-known, commercial LSAT preparation course that did not raise my score or adequately prepare me for the exam. But after working privately with my tutor, I gained a better understanding and knowledge of how to successfully take the exam and increased my LSAT score by 13 points. My tutor explained the materials and study strategies in a clear, comprehensible manner that was tailored to my learning style and needs. This preparation differed from other tutoring programs I looked into because not only did I learn how to answer the questions, but I also took many practice exams in a timed, simulated test setting. This was invaluable. Also, I felt that my tutor truly cared that I raise my score and be satisfied with it. Now I tell any of my friends who are preparing for the LSATs, that my tutor was amazing and I don’t think anyone else could have prepared me as well as my tutor did.”
      -LSAT Student
    • “My instructor was tremendously helpful to me in preparing for the LSAT. She was very knowledgeable, conveyed her knowledge clearly and was extremely accommodating of my work schedule. Even after I was done with the LSAT, my instructor was generous in providing guidance as I picked a law school. I had a truly enjoyable time working with her.”
    • “Prepping for the SATs is a daunting task for any college bound high school student. Thankfully, my tutor had taking the SATs down to a science, and she was able to teach me how to do the same in the quickest and most effective manner possible. By the time I sat down to take the test I had been so well prepared that not only did I feel like the exam was a walk in the park, but I felt like I had already seen every type of question that was on it. My tutor knew all of the tricks that the test writers would try to confuse me with, and taught me easy ways to keep myself from getting tripped up on those types of questions. What the College Board doesn’t want you to know is that there is a method to their madness; it doesn’t require an infinite amount of wisdom to master the test. What it does take is knowledge of the specific set of skills that the SAT is designed to test, and my tutor taught me those skills.”
      -College Applicant (Admitted to Johns Hopkins)