• June 16, 2019
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Seize the Summer!

Rising Seniors

This is it, the final stretch! Although that college application deadline might still seem far off, it isn’t. Every year, Ivy Link gets a rush of stressed-out students in the early fall who need last-minute help to complete their applications. Avoid the stress and get ahead. Here’s what you should be focusing on: 

— Drafting personal statements and supplemental materials
— Preparing your activities list
— Deciding which school to apply for EA/ED
— Lining up recommendation letters
— Researching scholarships
— Studying for any remaining standardized tests

Rising Juniors

Eleventh grade going to be the most difficult year yet. Classes will be harder, there will be more AP Exams and Subject Tests, and there’s the ACT and SAT. We recommend our students do the following:

— Study for Subject Tests to take in August or September
— Get a head-start on next term’s classes, especially those with heavy reading or AP material
— Research interesting scholarships/awards and extracurricular activities to enhance your profile
— Begin prepping for the SAT and ACT (if you haven’t done so, register to take Ivy Link’s SAT or ACT diagnostics to determine how much prep you’ll need: [provide link])

Rising Sophomores

With the first year of high school done, it’s time to take the initiative. That means finding ways to make your coming academic year less stressful and more interesting.

— Study for Subject Tests to take in August or September
— Plan for the upcoming year, including making the most of your school’s offerings in academics and extracurriculars
— Research interesting scholarships/awards and internships to enhance your profile
— Brainstorm of interesting ways to get involved at school and outside of school, such as joining a club with a leadership role 

Whether it is Test Preparation, Academic Tutoring, or College Admissions Advising, Ivy Link helps students maximize their potential and carve a path to success. For further information on any or all of our highly-regarded one-on-one programs, contact us today