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    • “Thank you for all your help! My essay and wait-list packet wouldn’t have been anything without your help and you did a great job with everything. I appreciate it so much!”
    • “I got a call back from the program. Thank you for helping me with my application and resume!”
      -High School Scholarship Applicant
    • “Before working with my tutor, I had taken a well-known, commercial LSAT preparation course that did not raise my score or adequately prepare me for the exam. But after working privately with my tutor, I gained a better understanding and knowledge of how to successfully take the exam and increased my LSAT score by 13 points. My tutor explained the materials and study strategies in a clear, comprehensible manner that was tailored to my learning style and needs. This preparation differed from other tutoring programs I looked into because not only did I learn how to answer the questions, but I also took many practice exams in a timed, simulated test setting. This was invaluable. Also, I felt that my tutor truly cared that I raise my score and be satisfied with it. Now I tell any of my friends who are preparing for the LSATs, that my tutor was amazing and I don’t think anyone else could have prepared me as well as my tutor did.”
      -LSAT Student