Long Distance Learning Platform

Given the number of requests we received from students in college and at boarding school who require assistance with essays, academic help, test prep, and application assistance, we have introduced a new way to access Ivy Link instruction via our Long Distance Learning Platform

Our platform includes access to a live tutor via video, as well as viewing of a tutor’s whiteboard. A sample of one of our Long Distance lessons can be viewed here.

Test preparation or academic tutoring would be one-on-one and scheduled at a mutually convenient time. This is an option that many of our boarding school students use to prepare for the SAT, ACT, APs, Subject Tests, and other exams. Our college students benefit from access to subject matter experts who could assist in a variety of subjects (often at an advanced level). Our boarding school and college students have found that our long distance service provides them with instruction that is superior to resources offered at or near their schools.