Ivy Link Scholars

Ivy Link was founded on the premise that knowledge and access are key ingredients to success in education and beyond, and we firmly believe that knowledge and access should be made available to high-achieving students of all backgrounds. To that end, Ivy Link offers scholarship subsidies for our varied services to qualifying students.


Eligibility for Ivy Link scholarships is determined based on the criteria listed below. While we use the criteria as primary means to assess a candidate’s eligibility, we also examine each candidate on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration other extraordinary circumstances.

— Achievement. Eligible candidates must demonstrate a history of excellence and achievement in an academic and/or extracurricular setting. Specifically, we look at grades, coursework, rankings, honors, examples of leadership and responsibility, and other specific accomplishments.
— Motivation. We look for motivation to be successful and to make an impact on the world. Motivation takes many forms, and candidates eligible for our scholarships must be able to articulate examples of his or her motivation.
— *Need. Typically, need is demonstrated by financial limitations but may also include other circumstances, such as coming from traditionally disadvantaged backgrounds or being first-generation college students. Many of our consultants and instructors came from modest backgrounds and understand the challenges faced by high-achieving students without the proper knowledge or access. We are eager to assist such students. (*Ivy Link has provided scholarship subsidies to students based on the criteria of achievement and motivation alone; however, in many cases, we will take into account the need criterion, as well.)

Required Materials

Please submit a cover letter briefly outlining:
• Evidence of the student’s achievement and motivation (see criteria 1-2 in Eligibility)
• The student’s academic goals (include a list of desired schools, colleges, or universities)
• How did you first hear of Ivy Link?

In addition to your cover letter, please include the following materials (when available) for the current and prior academic year:

• Official academic transcripts
• Standardized test scores (e.g., ISEE, SSAT, pACT, ACT, pSAT, SAT, SAT Subject Test, or AP Exam)
• A list with a brief description of awards, honors, and achievements
• A list with a brief description of extracurricular activities, internships and part-time jobs, including your position and involvement for each
• For candidates applying for need-based scholarship subsidies: Records of need-based scholarships and financial aid (e.g., letter from current school granting financial aid or evidence of free/reduced lunch)
• Optional: Any other materials that demonstrate your attributes, passions, and skills (e.g., art, writing, and sports)


Materials may be emailed to: info@myivylink.com, subject line: “Ivy Link Scholars”