The Ivy Link Network is an extensive network of distinguished graduates of and current students in the Ivy League. Ivy Link patrons not only receive top-notch academic attention, but also benefit from exclusive access to formal and informal mentoring by dedicated Ivy League-educated professionals with achievements that span academia, medicine, law, business, government, public interest, the arts, journalism and beyond.

Are you interested in business school? A Harvard Business School graduate will offer guidance on getting into business school. Does your child want to attend Columbia and major in English, or have questions about the school’s extracurricular activities? A Literature major from Columbia will provide details on its English Department and his experience with campus life. Wondering what a day in the life of a corporate lawyer or an investment banker looks like? A Yale-trained lawyer or banker will share her insights. Perplexed by the admissions process? A professional with experience working in the admissions office will help formulate application strategies.