Ivy Link featured on Abovethelaw.com

Ivy Link’s President & CEO, Adam Nguyen, was interviewed by Abovethelaw.com. View an excerpt below or the entire article here.
“Many smart people are conditioned to be task-oriented instead of goal-oriented. We are fantastic at completing an assignment or a task, but instinctively we don’t look beyond that. We are inclined not to set bigger goals for ourselves and ask whether our current “tasks” are leading to their goals…”
In addition to the LSAT, Nguyen has taken the MCAT, GMAT, GRE, and the California and New York bar exams. “I came from a modest background, where high-achieving and motivated kids often do not have the knowledge of and access to quality education — and ultimately success,” said Nguyen. “My company’s philosophy is to bring ‘smart education’ to the market….”

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