U.S. colleges and universities are arguably the best in the world. A U.S. college education can pave the way to a successful career and open doors to countless opportunities.  But which college will be a good fit for your background, interests and goals?  How can you prepare — especially at a young age?  How do you apply?  Ivy Link College Prep Program helps international students navigate the complex process of selecting an appropriate U.S. college and applying for admission.

Our seasoned and knowledgeable consultants and instructors graduated from top-ranked schools, such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, MIT and Stanford, and have experience guiding students through the admissions process at the various top-ranked colleges and universities of their choice.  Ivy Link staff members understand the challenges faced by non-U.S. students because many of us have personal experience as foreign applicants to American colleges and universities.  For each international applicant we will develop a customized plan and apply the Ivy Link Method.

In addition, Ivy Link consultants and instructors are accomplished professionals in fields such as medicine, law, investment banking, real estate, private equity, hedge funds, journalism, advertising, engineering and information technology.  Not only will students benefit from the Ivy Link Method, but they will also have access to the Ivy Link Network, an invaluable network of instructors, current students and alumni upon which a student can rely throughout his or her college years and beyond.

Check out how we use our LONG-DISTANCE LEARNING PLATFORM to connect with our international students.