Workshop: Everything Parents Need to Know About Standardized Testing for College [FULL]

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February 27, 2020
9:30 am - 10:30 am

Tower 49


Testing is an essential component of your child’s college application.  It is also a complicated, confusing and lengthy process with many variables and pitfalls.  However, when approached strategically, testing can be one of the simplest.  Knowing how to guide your child through the jungle of testing is the single easiest way to improve your child’s chance of college admissions.

-Should my child take the SAT, the ACT or both (and how many times)?
-Should she begin her preparation in 9th, 10th or 11th grade?
-What should that preparation look like?
-What about Subject Tests and AP exams?
-What are the recent changes to the SAT and ACT and how will they affect my child?
-How can I make this process less maddening??

By answering these questions and more, this workshop will empower parents with the information necessary to guide their children through this important, harrowing process in as low stress a manner as possible.


This workshop with Q&A is taught by Cory Bragar, Ivy Link’s Director of Standardized Testing. For 12 years, Cory has provided one-on-one instruction to students preparing for tests such as the SAT, ACT, LSAT and GMAT. Cory has also counseled hundreds of parents through the test prep process, allaying their fears and showing them how to successfully guide their children through testing. Cory is a graduate of The Dalton School, Trinity College, and Harvard Law School. In her spare time, Cory is an amateur magician and an avid practitioner and instructor of martial arts including Krav Maga, Brazilian Jujitsu and Taekwondo and a voracious consumer of popular culture.

Students Recently Said…

“I just got my ACT scores back, and I’m finally finished with the big test. I got a 35!! Thank you so much for preparing me so well and spending so much time preparing with me, I really can’t thank you enough!! It was truly a pleasure working with you.”

“My tutor from IVY Link is a true SAT wizard! Cory taught me how to solve complex SAT problems in the most time efficient manner. She also explained to me difficult formulas in a way that even an elementary school student can understand. My tutor not only equipped me with beneficial tips and strategies but also helped me learn how to use them alongside the knowledge I already possessed. I am forever grateful to my tutor for helping me regain my confidence, raise my SAT score, and keep my college aspirations alive. If you are being prepped or will be prepped by Cory, you are in luck.”

“Thankfully, Cory had taking the SATs down to a science, and she was able to teach me how to do the same in the quickest and most effective manner possible. By the time I sat down to take the test I had been so well prepared that not only did I feel like the exam was a walk in the park, but I felt like I had already seen every type of question that was on it.  Cory knew all of the tricks that the test writers would try to confuse me with, and taught me easy ways to keep myself from getting tripped up on those types of questions. What the College Board doesn’t want you to know is that there is a method to their madness; it doesn’t require an infinite amount of wisdom to master the test.  What it does take is knowledge of the specific set of skills that the SAT is designed to test, and Cory taught me those skills.”

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