Ivy Link was founded on the premise that knowledge and access are key ingredients to success in virtually any setting. We believe that possessing pertinent information and having access to successful individuals with elite academic and professional achievements enhance a student’s opportunities in higher education and beyond.

Formula for Success

Our guiding formula for success is a marriage of two components: (1) a custom-tailored, one-on-one test preparation, admissions advising or academic tutoring program provided by Ivy Link’s exceptionally qualified instructors and consultants; and (2) Ivy Link’s unmatched access to a network of Ivy League graduates and students who can offer guidance and mentoring regarding academic and professional pursuits from a first-hand experience. Our unique Ivy Link Method and Ivy Link Network set us apart from our peers by combining first-rate teaching with custom-tailored mentoring.

Our relationship with each student and applicant extends beyond traditional instruction and consultation to include lessons learned from the Ivy Link Method and mentoring through our Ivy Link Network. We believe that the knowledge imparted by our instructors and consultants, along with access to our network of Ivy League graduates and students, will form the cornerstone of a student’s success.

The key to Ivy Link’s success is our gifted instructors and consultants. In addition to their exceptional pedigree, they are selected for their warm and nurturing approach and their ability to empathize and connect with students. Ivy Link instructors and consultants possess not only a passion and an aptitude for teaching and excellence, but also great motivational skills that enable them to mentor, build confidence and reduce stress.