• March 8, 2019
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Are AP Exams Still Important in College Admissions?

Knowing AP class material by itself won’t guarantee a high score. The AP Exams are a peculiar type of test that combines multiple-choice and essay questions. Our students learn to become familiar with the question types through repeated practice and to spot common pitfalls and tricks. Students must master the following: 

1) Become well-acquainted with the format and timing of the AP Exams. Close familiarity with how AP exams look and the speed at which they’re taken will help students apply their AP course material in the context of the exams. Time management is key and can make or break your score.

 2) Leverage AP Exam prep with SAT Subject Test prep. Our students often prepare simultaneously for an SAT Subject Test and AP Exam in the same academic subject. We create individualized study roadmaps to help students prepare for both types of tests so they don’t waste time on overlapping material. The study roadmaps help students apply test-taking strategies, refine problem-solving skills, and see similarities between the two types of exams.

3) Take full-length practice exams. High school teachers can only provide so much preparation for AP Exams while also making sure to cover course content. Some teachers might give their students just 1-2 practice AP exams a few months before their tests. Our students take at least 3-4. Practice exams will help to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses and provide valuable information to shape a student’s study road map.  

Studying for any standardized test — let alone, college-level AP Exams — can seem daunting. Our tutors have mastered the AP Exams and know how to best prepare students beyond the AP courses, online sources, and prep books alone.