Ivy Link consultants are graduates of the most elite law schools and have gone on to coveted clerkships, prestigious law firms and highly respected professional careers. You will be assigned to a dedicated consultant, who will work one-on-one with you to brainstorm application and essay-writing strategies that maximize your chances of acceptance to the law schools of your choice.

Complete Application Package

Ivy Link offers a no-hassle, comprehensive approach to completing your application. From brainstorming sessions to putting that last period on your essay, Ivy Link consultants will work closely with you throughout the application process.

1. Preliminary Assessment.

The first step in the process requires a candid assessment of your background and qualifications. We will analyze issues that are particular to your candidacy, including your LSAT score(s), coursework, extracurricular activities, work experience and career goals in order to proactively address any weaknesses in your candidacy and assess your compatibility with different law schools.

2. Intensive Brainstorming.

Many candidates underestimate the importance of communicating their unique stories in their applications. This is where Ivy Link consultants prove invaluable. Through intensive one-on-one brainstorming sessions, we will help identify the compelling stories in your life history that will make your candidacy stand out from among those of the many other qualified applicants.

3. Detailed Outlining.

Based on the information we gather from one-on-one brainstorming sessions, we will develop detailed outlines to guide your completion of each essay. The outlines will provide clear frameworks for your unique narratives and precise roadmaps toward the completion of winning essays with minimal stress.

4. Unlimited Essay Revisions.

Our experts will thoroughly review, comment on and edit your drafts not only to catch technical mistakes, but also to ensure that your narratives carry the authenticity of your voice and are told in the most compelling manner, all while staying within the mandated word count. There is no limit on the number of revisions we will provide. Our work is not complete until you are satisfied.

5. Resume & Letters of Recommendation.

Your resume and letters of recommendation are crucial components of your application. We will ensure that your resume is polished so that relevant facts and accomplishments are emphasized. We will also develop strategies to optimize your selection of and interaction with the writers of your recommendation letters to maximize the usefulness of those recommendations to your application.

6. PostApplication Consultation.

Our work does not end after your applications are submitted. Following your acceptance, we will advise you on the suitability of different schools in light of your background and career goals.