Ivy Link’s highly skilled and experienced counselors will break down the application process for secondary school admission, offer personalized guidance on different programs, and help formulate a strategic timeline for every step of the way.

This service is available to all students entering K-8 and high school, including those applying to the following institutions:

  • Independent, Non-Boarding Schools
  • Boarding Schools

Our unique Ivy Link Method will pair your child with a dedicated, qualified and supportive consultant who will:

  • Describe the application process in detail and address any questions that may arise
  • Identify various areas of strengths and weaknesses within your student’s profile and offer suggestions on how to enhance their accomplishments
  • Provide key insight as to what makes an ideal candidate, as well as how an application is reviewed from the point of view of a selective board of admissions
  • Implement a comprehensive strategy for success and update your child’s goals along the way
  • Evaluate various program options and create a customized list of schools based on your child’s needs and interests that will allow them to thrive both academically and socially
  • Tailor the application process for each individual school or program and plan for school tours
  • Help to brainstorm essay topics that best reflect the student’s strengths and background, critically review the first draft and aid in editing, and assist in the drafting of a “top choice” letter
  • Provide extensive interview and playdate preparation through simulations and mock interviews
  • Offer the necessary resources, academic guidance and emotional encouragement throughout